Boremaskin type TSB 35

Borekapasitet 35mm

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Boremaskin type TSB 35

Drilling capacity 35 mm
Throat 320 mm
Spindle nose-to-foot distance 645 mm
Spindle speed (6) 125-3030 rpm
Spindle mount MT 4
Rigid cast-iron construction
Height-adjustable machine head
12 speed steps
Rectangular table with T-slots and circumferential coolant groove

Working area:
Drilling capacity: 25 mm
Tapping capacity, steel: M 16
Foot set up area (length x width): 310×320 mm
Spindle nose-to-foot distance: 650 mm
Throat: 240 mm
Vertical head travel: 470 mm
Column diameter: 95 mm

Automatic quill feed
Rpm indicator
Coolant system
Head swivels ± 45°
Tapping feature

Standard equipment: base, protective shield, halogen lights, drill chuck, operating tools, operator manual.