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Magnetisk boremaskin MAB 825

Kjernebor Ø100mm, gjenging M30, hurtigskifte drill chuck

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Product Description

Magnetisk boremaskin MAB 825

The made in Germany, MAB 825 Mag Drill – The unique feature of MAB 825 mag drill is that the it is equipped with reversible motor. A reversible motor of the mag drillis absolutely necessary to do rreversible motor of the mag drilltapping or thread cutting. Once the tapping is finished, with reversible motor of the mag drillyou can remove the taps at the entry of the holes, which helps prevent the threads to get damaged. reversible motor of the mag drillis also useful for right hand as well as Left hand taps. With a reversible motor of the mag drillthere is no need of extra tap-head attachment. Powerful & Reliable, 16 Amp double-insulated motor, 4-speed oil bath gearbox for applications requiring high power, Designed for continuous use, Infinitely variable torque control and full-wave control electronics, Drill up to 4″ dia. & Tap up to 1-1/8″ dia., Uses annular cutters, Twist drilling and reaming up to 1-1/4″ dia. Tapping capacity 1-1/8″ dia., Optional geared chuck IBC 21, Integrated cutting oil reservoir, Automatic internal lubrication, Automatic feed (model MAB 825 V), ideal for production applications, Swivel base (model MAB 845), Keyless Cutter Mount, Quick-change keyless cutter system for 3/4″ Weldon shank, Arbor for 1-1/4″ Weldon shank, Integrated Safety, Green/Red LED magnetic force indicator for safe operation, Internal cable routing, Simple, ergonomic arrangement of controls for one-handed operation, Emergency-off function.


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