Fresemaskin type VHF 2

Fresemaskin med bevegelser XYZ: 600 x 270 x 300mm

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Product Description

Fresemaskin VHF 2

Bord: 1120×260
Bevegelser XYZ: 600 x 270 x 300mm
Hastighet: (8) 115 – 1750 O/min
Spindel: ISO 40
Maskin dim: 1,7×1,48×2,1m
Vekt: 1400 kg

Med: 3-akse digital, drill chuck 16mm, ISO 40 frese chuck, hylse chuck med hylser Ø4,5,6,8,10,12,14,16mm, overgang ISO 40/ MT3 og ISO 40 / MT2, kjøle system.


Video viser VHF 3:

Teknisk beskrivelse

Universal Milling Machine VHF 2

This excellent price/performance ratio is made possible by high volume production with standardized VHF assemblies

  • height adjustment of the work table via automatic feed – precision feed via smooth hand crank
  • All 3 axes are provided with clamping devices
  • the vertical head swivels to both sides (± 90°), quill feed through capstan or with fine feed hand wheel
  • the installed feed (standard equipment) allows movement of the X-axis by hand wheel or through the feed feature
  • for horizontal spindle work, the top beam can be turned with; the head by ± 180° on the stand. Spindle speed is controlled through the gear lever.
Working area
Drilling capacity
Milling diameter in steel (max.)
Tapping capacity, steel
Counter-boring capacity
Table set up area
30 mm
25 mm
M 16
100 mm
1.120×260 mm
Travel X-axis
Travel Y-axis
Travel Z-axis
600 mm
270 mm
300 mm
Vertical milling head
Spindle speed (vertical)
Spindle mount
Quill stroke
Spindle nose-to-table surface distance
(8) 115 – 1.750 rpm
ISO 40
120 mm
160 – 610 mm
60 – 360 mm
Horizontal Milling Spindle
Spindle speed (horizontal)
Horizontal spindle-to-table surface distance
(12) 40 – 1.300 rpm
0 – 300 mm
Drive capacity
Motor rating horizontal spindle
Motor rating vertical spindle
2,2 kW
1,5 kW
Measures and weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)
1,71×1,48×2,1 m
1.400 kg