WNS 16swg (1.6mm) Pittsburgh Lock Rollformer (RF16)

7 stasjoner, 1,6mm kapasitet

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WNS 16swg (1.6mm) Pittsburgh Lock Rollformer (RF16)

16swg (1.6mm) Capacity Mild Steel
Additional Auxiliary Rolls Available
Optional Flanging Attachment Available
415v, 3 Phase Electrics

WNS 16swg (1.6mm) Pittsburgh Lock Rollformers are 7 station machines.  They are principally used in the HVAC industry for joining sheet metal at right angles on straight and curved duct sections.  Pittsburgh Lock Rolls & Auxiliary Shafts are fitted as standard with the option of a Flanging Attachment if required.

A ‘lock’ is formed in one pass and a flange is inserted into the pocket.  The edge is then hammered over either manually or with a WNS Pittsburgh Lock Air Closing Hammer.  Additional forming rolls, such as Double Seam Rolls, Drive Cleat Rolls, etc. can be fitted onto the Auxiliary Shafts.   A Flanging Attachment is also available and can be fitted as an optional extra.  This enables a right angle to be formed on curved, straight and irregular shapes. The attachment is fitted with a tilting head to enable complete circles to be formed.

WNS Rollformers are manufactured with all steel side plates.  The shafts, forming rolls, gears and guide fences are all hardened, and needle bearings are fitted throughout.

Please note Flanging Attachment shown in the photographs and video is an optional extra and not included as standard.



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