WNS 16swg (1.6mm) Opening Roll (OR16)

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WNS 16swg (1.6mm) Opening Roll (OR16)

16swg (1.6mm) Capacity
Outside Diameter 2¼”
Bore/Internal Diameter ⅜”

WNS Opening Rolls keep the Pittsburgh Lock Form open to accept the Right Angle Flange. Our rolls are made of quality steel and are heat treated/hardened for longer life. The rolls will fit most makes of 7 Station, 16swg (1.6mm) Pittsburgh Lock Rollformers / Lockformers; including Lockformer, Oliver, Shorte, SMC,  E & E, Emitec, etc. Please check the size of your roll PRIOR to purchase.

Should you have an alternative make of Rollformer / Lockformers, please contact us as your Opening Roll can be made to order!