Fugemaskin til rør MMP 520-C

Rør Ø120 – 520mm. Fugebredde 1 – 15mm. Fuge vinkel 0 – 80°

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Fugemaskin til rør MMP 520-C

In this system, both pipes, pipe bends and fittings such as T- and U-pieces can be processed, i.e. orbital sawing, planning and beveling . They range from thin-walled pipes from 6 mm to thickness of 25 mm, in diameters 120-520 mm (4″ to 20″). It is used with a specially developed, patented insert technology for machining milling process.

Therefore, a very good surface quality is achieved in the weld preparation and finally as a result high process reliability at low throughput times and relatively low tooling costs.
The machine is modular. Thus individual customer needs can be taken into account from the beginning or the machine can be retrofitted at any time later, if needed.

Special angle and – forms can be retrofitted at any time, for example. The drives are partly equipped with servo technology, i.e. precise control and long life are ensured