Metall forming maskin PC16

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Enkel i bruk
Tusenvis av deler kan produseres på en dag
Maks kapasitet rundt: 20mm
Maks kapasitet firkant: 20mm
Maks kapasitet flattjern: 50x10mm
Arb hastighet: 45mm/s
Antall pr min: 4 stk

Teknisk beskrivelse

Adjustment of displacement or turns.
Adjustment of pressure according to material thicknes.
Safety double command for the cycle drive.
Hydraulic clamp for the piece fastening.
Maximum capacity in round: 20mm
Maximum capacity in square: 20mm
Maximum capacity in flat bar: 50x10mm
Working speed: 45 mm/s
Return speed: 70 mm/s
Cycle time: 10 secodns
Pieces per minute: 4 pieces.
Engine power: 2,2 KW/ 3 CV (HP)
Three phased tensión: 230/400 V
For other tension or single phased machines, please ask the manufacturer.
Palletized lower bench to easily move the machine up to its working place or storage.
The machine is sent completely mounted
Packaging with a wooden pallet NIMF15 and 3-layered cardboard box suitable for sea freight.
Optional: Complete wooden packaging with fumigated wood NIMF15.

Easy handling: Any worker is able to carry out this job, even without any previous preparation.
Readiness: Thousands of parts can be made in a sole  working day.
Value and prestige: There are few craftmen who can make this kind of wrought jobs.
Sales: Possibility of selling parts with the forged extremes to different companies or steel stores.
All or products are manufactured in our facilities in Spain. The hydraulic and electrical  components are all standard from the best leading European trademarks, with technical assitence all over the world: Rexroth, Bosch, Roquet, Schneider Electric, LG, Telemecanique, Pizzato etc…