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Prege maskinen er designet til og bli brukt av en person som vill sette inn materiale i den ene enden av maskinen. Ideel til stål, aluminium, samt messing, bronse og kopper.

Enkel og bruke, du behøver ingen opplæring
Høy effektivitet, tusenvis av deler kan produseres på en dag
Kraftig konstruert
Designet til og arbeide medium til høy skala produksjon opptil 20 timer til dagen

Teknisk beskrivelse

The NOA60 Nargesa embossing machine is designed to be used by a single worker, who will insert the material to be stamped in one end. The rotation of the rollers will expel the material from the machine automatically. Ideal to mould steel or aluminium as well as brass, bronze or copper alloys.


Ease of use: Any worker can do the job; no training is necessary.
Highly efficient production: Thousands of components can be made in a single working day.
No surplus material: The design of the machine enables the surface of the material to be completely embossed, so there is no loss of material.
Value and exclusivity: All the work with a design is exclusive and adds economic value to the components manufactured.
Sales: Offers the possibility of selling the embossed components to different companies or iron warehouses.
Toughness: This embossing and stamping machine is designed to supply medium and large-scale production, working up to 20 hours a day.

Electric motor: 5.5 KW Power (7.5 HP) at 1400 r.p.m.
Electricity supply: 230/400 V three-phase
Electricity consumption: 22/12 A
Adjustable working speed:  0 – 10 metres per minute.
Maximum capacity on square tube: 60×60 mm
Maximum capacity on solid square block: 20×20 mm
Maximum capacity on plates: 60×10 mm
Tempered gear transmission.
Heavy duty roller bearings: Indispensable to guarantee the robustness and durability of the embossing machine.
Tempered and ground shafts.
Upper and lower shafts motorised, indispensable for good operation.
Includes a straightening device with adjustable 7 rollers, 3 vertical and 4 horizontal. This mechanism ensures the material comes out perfectly straight.
Large catalogue of rollers of different designs (See optional accessories at the bottom of the page. At the client’s request, we can manufacture tailor made moulds, increasing the value of the finished product with exclusivity and personalization.
Lower bench palletized to easily transport the machine to the workplace or store it in case of lacking space.
Palet made of steel and 3 layer cardboard box suitable for seafreight.
Optional: Fumigated wooden box NIMF15.

All our products are manufactured in our facilities in Spain. The hydraulic and electronic components are completely standard and from leading European brands, with service worldwide: Rexroth, Bosch, Roquet, Schneider Electric, LG, Telemecanique, Pizzato etc…