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Platesaks 2000x3mm

Manuelt bakanslag 450mm

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Product Description

Platesaks 2000x3mm med 450mm manuelt bakanslag

Rigid welded steel construction featuring quiet operation – all movable parts run on maintenance-free bearings
Parallel knife guides ensure high cutting precision
High-strength knives made of alloyed steel with ground surface
side stop and 2 front support arms
Foot control with emergency stop switch
One-piece hold-down system with safety guard to protect hands
Precision-machined table featuring a large support area
Manual rear stop 450 mm

Plate thickness (max.): 3mm
Working length: 2050mm
Rear stop: 450mm
Strokes per minute (automatic mode): 35 H/min
Work table height: 850mm
Motor rating main drive: 400V, 3kW
Overall dimensions (length x width x height): 2,4×1,35m
Weight: 1.300 kg

Standard equipment: knife set, manual rear stop 450mm, lateral stop, CE-conforming safety features, foot pedal, right-hand longitudinal stop and 2 support arms