750mm 3 in 1 Combination Machine (CM750)

750mm Long . 0.8mm Capacity

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750mm 3 in 1 Combination Machine (CM750)

3 in 1
750mm Long
0.8mm Capacity
Bending Rolls
3 Wiring Grooves
Box & Pan Folder
c/w 6 Fingers

The CM750 3 in 1 Combination Machine includes Bending Rolls, Guillotine & Folder. This machine can be bench mounted or fixed to a stand (not included). The Bending Rolls have 3 wiring grooves that will form wire loops and the Rolls form tubes and (limited) coning. Sectional Fingers allow Box & Pan work by increments, the Folder also will form over the full width of the bed and the Guillotine accommodates cutting over the full length of the machine.

Please note for harder material the capacity must be reduced.