Fugemaskin SMA 60-P

Pneumatisk. Fugebredde 1 – 15 (20)mm. Radius 2 – 15 mm. Fuge vinkel 0 – 80°.

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Fugemaskin SMA 60-P

The industrial compressed air machine from the SMA-MAXI-Family:

It is in almost all industries a indispensable part of the production. The robust construction makes it suitable for tough industrial applications. Their particular strengths lies in the high life and excellent performance.

Application / Feature

  • Processing of large bevels and radii on plates, containers, inner and outer edges, contour profiles and boreholes
  • Electronically variable cutting speed for machining different materials
  • High performance milling heads for angles of 0-80°
  • Milling heads for radii = 2/3/4/6/8/10/12/15
  • Efficient milling head quick change system
  • Up to 8 times the normal use of indexable inserts
  • Good handling due to compact design
  • Ergonomic two-handed operation