Magnetisk boremaskin AirMAB 5000

Pneumatic magnetic drilling machine

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Product Description

Magnetisk boremaskin AirMAB 5000

The innovative made in Germany, Cordless battery operated magnetic drilling machine. The magnetic core drilling machine with more flexibility and mobility. Great freedom: make up to 40 holes / ø 20 mm / 10 mm steel. The new Cordless magnetic drill press offers all the advantages of a professional magnetic core drilling technology as well as the greatest possible autonomy from stationary power sources. 6.0 Ampere power in its tank. With its battery capacity suited to industrial uses, the Cordless magnetic drill press is beyond compare. 6.0 A allow the performance peaks called upon by the BDS motor. The size and weight of the battery are optimally designed for the magnetic core drilling system and are fully integrated in the body of the cordless magnetic drill press. The battery can be changed quickly and easily. With the help of associated quick-charge station, the battery is fully charged in 180 minutes. This handy, compact cordless magnetic drill press is very well balanced and easy to manipulate even for horizontal drilling works or overhead usage. For the mobile Cordless magnetic drill press, BDS Maschinen is drawing fully on tried and tested electro-magnetic technology. Controlled magnetic force. The strong BDS electromagnet allows the user to position and control the Cordless magnetic drill press safely. The high magnet holding force guarantees a high degree of work safety. In particular, the user will note positive relief when drilling horizontally or overhead. The operator can therefore concentrate fully on the drilling procedure. This is a great advantage which traditional drilling cordless magnetic drill presss cannot offer with a range of other features. The electronic controls and the safety motor shut-down mechanism ensure that the magnet is supplied with sufficient voltage. This is essential for the high work safety of the Cordless magnetic drill press.


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