Magnetisk boremaskin MAB 1300

Ø 130 mm Core Drilling & M42 Tapping Capasity with Swivel Base

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Magnetisk boremaskin MAB 1300

The made in Germany, worlds most powerful magnetic drilling and tapping machine – MAB 1300. This magnetic base drilling machine is equipped with the most powerful 4 speed, 2300 Watt German motor which delivers the drilling capacity up to 130 mm diameter and up to 110 mm thickness. This is also the only portable magnetic base drilling machine in the world which can do tapping/thread cutting up to M42 size in one shot. The size of this magnetic base drilling machine makes it more attractive, 360 X 110 X 560 mm (LXBXH) and just 51 Kg. The magnetic base drilling machine is equipped with intelligent sensors and indicators like magnet indicator, carbon brush indicator, overheating protection, servo feed, etc. The MAB 1300 is designed, developed and manufactured by BDS Maschinen in Germany. The MAB 1300 makes a 14 mm diameter hole in 19 seconds and M16 tap/thread in just 10 seconds for 20 mm thick plate. The MAB 1300 is Morse taper 4 magnetic base drilling machine.


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