Magnetisk boremaskin MAB 485 SB

Ø 40 mm Core Drilling & M16 Tapping Capasity with Swivel Base

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Magnetisk boremaskin MAB 485 SB

The Made in Germany MAB 485 SB magnetic drill is the best introduction to the ProfiPLUS category magnetic drill- with the swivel base adjusting feature. Tangible relief for operators when performing drilling works overheard or in horizontal situations. A good idea comes to life: BDS now offers four magnetic drill s with a moveable magnetic adjustment feature in two performance categories. How the swivel base works: place the magnetic drill roughly in position, activate the magnet, release the adjustment feature and adjust it effortlessly. The swivel base enables the drill to be placed in exactly the right position without needing to hold the whole weight of the magnetic drill at the same time. This relief is an additional factor in work safety even when the magnetic drill is secured with a chain. The advantages of the MAB 485 Swivel Base magnetic drill Continuous electronic control of motor output and speed, drilling with core and twist drills, countersinking, reaming, thread cutting. Two-stage gear unit, non-destructive with oil bath gearbox. With Swivel Base, the adjustment feature for an easy positioning of the drill.


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