Magnetisk boremaskin MAB 845

Ø 100 mm Core Drilling & M30 Tapping Capasity with Swivel Base

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Product Description

Magnetisk boremaskin MAB 845

The made in Germany, MAB 845 Mag Drill. The MAB 825 magnetic drilling machines can also be bought with a Swivel Base option (the model is then called MAB 845). The Swivel Base is an adjustment device on BDS magnetic core drilling machines, which helps the operator to position the machine ”even under magnetic condition.” The operator can move the machine 30° left or right and 20 mm backward or forward that too when the magnet is activated. This is a useful when drilling multiple holes close to each other (like on boiler plates) or when drilling in vertical position or overhead position. Overheat protection. One of the very useful feature of MAB 825 / MAB 845 specially for new operator is the overheat protections. Due overload or improper handling of the machine while drilling the machine may get heated and due to heat the motor may get damaged. The BDS magnetic drilling machines protects the machine from overheat by shutting down the motor when the sensors senses overheat, this prevents in damaging of the motor. After the motor is shut down by the overheat protection, keep the machine idle for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then run the run the motor again without drilling. Run the motor for a minute and then start to drill again. This feature increases the machine service life as well as avoids accidents.


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