Manuell kant fugemaskin MMA 680

Fugebredde 1 – 20 (30) mm. Fuge vinkel 0 – 80°.  Radius 2 – 15 mm. Arm 1000 + 500 mm

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MMA 680 guiding arm and high-frequency-hand-machine

Guide-assisted manual edge processing with high performance, with low physical activity and CNC similar quality. Ideal for use in the mass production of small parts and for applications where a high repeatability are required.

Application / Feature

  • Guiding arm for ergonomic working
  • Welding table with holes (ø 16/28) (optional)
  • Magnetic plates for safe clamping of workpieces (optional)
  • Powerful high-frequency beveling machine
  • Ideal for quick and precise beveling of edges, contours and holes
  • Use in mass production of small parts and applications with high repeatability